Filtrating recharges for MINI BIOBOX® and BIOBOX® filters, which act on the water to clean, keeping it in good conditions for the welfare of fish and plants. See all our variety here.

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The EasyBox filtrating recharges for the Tecatlantis MINI BIOBOX® and BIOBOX® filters have the role of ensuring good water conditions, so that the proper development of aquatic species is ensured. Each type of recharge has a specific function in the treatment and cleaning of water, being available in various sizes depending on the size of the filter. They must be replaced depending on the type of the recharge.

EasyBox® Cleanwater

Cleanwater facilitates the maintenance of your aquarium. It reduces the concentration of undesirable substances in water which promote unwanted growth of algae. Absorbs phosphate, nitrite and nitrate without deleting the important trace elements. Suitable for fresh or saltwater. Recommended replacement monthly.

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