New range of terrariums with economical models made of plastic and glass. A quality solution to create safe habitats for your animals.

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Smart Line 30

This new range of terrariums made of plastic and glass is available in different sizes and models, offering a great variety of choice to the customer. The Smart line is a quality solution for your reptiles and amphibians, providing excellent habitats. These models are also very nice to look at, so they can be combined with any environment. Include air circulation system and a security system with code. The grids are removable for easy access to the interior. Optional Terrarium Lighting System E27 (socket only; bulb not included). Some of the models have cabinets in option. All terrariums are available in black and white.

Terrarium lighting system E27 (optional)

Terratlantis lighting systems respond to the demands of the species of reptiles and amphibians that enjoy moist habitats with tropical temperatures. The E27 lighting for terrariums ensures comfort and the proper growth of these animals. This Terratlantis bulb socket adapted for terrariums, is available in two sizes, is heat proof and allows 100% better light dissipation. Bulb not included. This system is optional.

Air Circulation System

All terrariums include an air circulation and ventilation system that ensures the best conditions for the welfare of the animals.

Removable cover

The upper mesh can be removed completely for installing the lighting system and easy access to it, as well as to the entire terrarium.

Removable front doors

The glass doors are removable for ease of access to the inside of your terrarium. An asset for cleaning and good maintenance.

Safety lock on doors

The terrarium doors have safety latches that ensure the protection of animals, preventing possible escape.

Padlock with Code

Reptiles are animals that require special attention in terms of security, and terrariums must have systems that guarantee this. Therefore, besides the locks on the doors, all Terratlantis terrariums include a padlock with a security code, allowing exclusive access to the inside of the terrarium and reducing the risk of escape.

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