Range of innovative aquariums with glossy finish and a marked tendency to the modern design. Available in models for fresh and saltwater.

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Ultra Clear 100 SW

The new Ultra Clear aquarium range has wonderful fresh and saltwater models, available in two different sizes and in black and white, with glossy finish. For each model it is available a suitable cabinet equipped with push to open doors. The Ultra Clear 100 for saltwater has 100 cm long, 50 cm high and a volume of 270 liters. It is equipped with the innovative LED H2O ≈132W lighting system, an EasyFlux 600 water pump and a sump filtration (100L capacity) with skimmer and filter media. It also includes an EasyKlim 300W, a 2000L/h capacity water pump, an UVC Easy Clean ≈5W and an EASY LED controller.

LED H2O Lighting System

The LED H2O lighting system included with this aquarium is composed by LED technology lamps that work through the circulation of the water within the equipment. The internal water pump allows the input and output of the water in the aquarium, providing the cooling of the lamp, extending its lifetime. Likewise, the heat emitted by the lamp is dissipated to the water, reducing the energy consumption of the heater. This system includes an EasyFlux 600 water pump.


EASY LED Control is a device which allows the LED lighting to have more autonomy, allowing operation to be programmed. The controller is connected to the power supply for the lightning and programmed with the times for the lighting to switch on and off. At the scheduled time, the bulbs will turn on and off gradually, simulating the effect of the sunrise and the sunset.

Sump filtration + Skimmer

The Ultra Clear 100 for saltwater is equipped with a sump filtration with a skimmer, which is very effective in saltwater aquariums.

EasyKlim heater

This aquarium includes a Tecatlantis EasyKlim 300W heater: quartz tube which can be completely submerged in water and have a high resistance. It includes a regulator for adjusting the temperature and a power indicator. This heater is indicated for aquariums of 200 to 300 litters capacity.

UVC EasyClean

Through the contact with the radiation, UV-C sterilizer remove bacteria, algae, protozoa and other unwanted parasites present in the water. The UV-C radiation affects the function of living cells by altering the structure of its nuclear material, eliminating them entirely. Ensures clean and clear water and healthy fish.

Push-to-open doors

The doors of the Ultra Clear cabinets are equipped with the discrete "push to open" system.

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