Clarify your questions:

1. How to install my new aquarium properly?

Read carefully the instructions provided with your aquarium before the installation (manual and warnings) in order to perform every step correctly. Please certify that your aquarium is in good condition and without any damage.
If your aquarium has a Biobox filter, follow its instruction, and don’t forget to remove the protective films of the filter media (EasyBox Activated Carbon and EasyBox Aquaclay).
Place the aquarium on the cabinet/support and verify if it is stable and leveled. Fill it with water in order to ensure its tightness. After this verification, empty it and start the decoration. When filling the tank with water, we recommend you the utilization of a container to avoid affecting the decoration. Switch on the equipment of your tank (heater, pumps, lighting system, etc.) and let it stabilize. Get advised in the store you bought the fish and plants what are the recommended conditions for the species you choose. For more information see the documentation available on our website.


2. What is the warranty of my Aquatlantis aquarium?
The warranty is valid for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Although you must take care of the exclusions mentioned in the warranty provided with your aquarium. To claim the warranty, it is necessary to provide the aquarium ID and the proof of purchase.
3. What is the ID of my aquarium?
The ID of your aquarium is a set of letters and numbers that identifies unequivocally your product and all its traceability. The ID is composed of a letter and two sets of six digits.
4. Should I put something between the aquarium and the cabinet?

We recommend you the utilization of a Carpet Shock from Tecatlantis. The main function is to distribute the weight evenly throughout the area of the aquarium surface. It also absorbs any irregularity that is present at the surface of contact between the aquarium background and the top of the cabinet, as well as helping to isolate the aquarium, thermally.

The utilization of other material none recommended can cause the break of the tank voiding the warranty.


5. Can I change the place of my aquarium after the installation?
No. Once installed, the aquarium can’t be moved or shifted to another place, since such an operation would damage its stability and security. To replace the aquarium, you must empty it in full (including decoration).
6. How should I proceed with the installation of my filter BIOBOX?

The Biobox filters are provided with an instruction guide that includes important information.

Before filling the aquarium, place the filter in the right place. Don’t forget to remove the protective films of the filter recharges (EasyBox Activated Carbon and EasyBox Aquaclay). Verify the positioning of the pump and the heater (if included) and place in the filter output the guiding flow piece. Fill the aquarium. Switch on the equipment and confirm the well-functioning of the filter. Place the filter cover.


7. How should I keep the functioning of my filter BIOBOX?
Before proceeding to the filter maintenance, always unplug all the electrical devices.
The Biobox filters are provided with an instruction guide that will help you on your filter’s maintenance. Remember that its good maintenance allows its good working. On the user guide it is informed the utilization periods of the filter media which maintain your filter in good condition. Also verify the water level that is between the defined levels in the filter.
8. When should I replace the Easybox filter recharges of the filter?
All the filter recharges have the goal to maintain the aquarium clean and in excellent conditions. However, the misuse and the replacement of recharges can prejudice the good functioning of the aquarium. To avoid that, you must respect the rules of replacement which varies according to the EasyBox recharge. In each package you will find the information for the replacement time that varies between 1 week and 8 months. To avoid water disequilibrium, do not replace recharges with similar function at the same time.
9. The EasyFlux pump flow seems to have decreased?
During the operation of the filter, the filtered particles get accumulated in the filter media causing a reduction of the water flow. Check the EasyBox recharges and, if necessary, replace them in time respecting the replacement rules that vary depending on the type of the EasyBox recharge. You should also check the water inlet and outlet in the filter and pump so that they are not obstructed.
10. Can I regulate the EasyFlux pumps flow?
Yes. All the EasyFlux pumps have flow regulator. For more information consult the documentation available on our website.
11. Which EASY LED UNIVERSAL light unit suits my aquarium?
The choice of the EASY LED UNIVERSAL depends on the aquarium type. If you access the “Products” area you can consult the product files of the EASY LED UNIVERSAL and obtain all the information you need, as the LED typology, lumens, consumptions, etc.
12. How the EASY LED Controllers work?
The EASY LED controllers are devices that allow you to control the operation of the LED lamps, scheduling the time to switch on (gradual increase of light intensity) and switch off (gradual decrease of the light intensity). To ensure its full operation, you should carefully follow ALL the steps of the instructions included in the product package. After the correct programming, the controller should work properly.
13. What is the difference between the EASY LED Control 1plus and the EASY LED Control 2plus?
The EASY LED Control 1 has 1 channel (1 outlet). The channel has two available schedules.
Utilization: Max. 12V/24V till 5A (inlet and outlet/channel)
The EASY LED Control 2plus has two independent channels (2 outlets). Each channel has two available schedules.
Utilization: Max. 12V/24V-5A (inlet) / Max. 12V/24V-2.5A (per outlet/channel)
Both controllers have the adjustable light intensity function (from 0 to 100%).
14. I want my lamp to switch on and off only once a day. How do I configure the controller for this purpose?
For example, if you only want to turn the lamp on at 12am and turn off at 4pm, set ON 1 at 12am and OFF 1 at 4pm. On the second program, set ON 2 at 0:00 and OFF 2 also at 0:00. Thus, the light unit will turn on and off only once a day, at the scheduled time.
15. After programming the controller, the light unit turns on and off very quickly. What should I do?
The controller turns the light on and off very gradually at the scheduled time. If, after programming, the light unit turn on and off like a “lightning”, wait till it turns on progressively. Do not do anything. Do not turn the controller off, or the lamp.
If it does not bind at all, take the product to the store.
16. What should I do in case of power failure?
In case of power failure, the controller EASY LED keeps the configurations. After switched on again, the lamp returns to light up gradually, reaching its maximum intensity after an hour.
17. Can I order directly with Aquatlantis?
No. Aquatlantis only works with distributors. Find the nearest store through our store map.
18. How can I order spare parts?
You can order spare parts through Aquatlantis representatives. Find the nearest store through our store map.
19. I have lost the instruction guide of my product. How can I get a new one?
In each product page, it is provided a documentation area with all the files relative to the product in question, as instruction guides and product files. Download all the files you need.