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Cookies Policy


Cookies are small files that contain a set of characters/text that are sent to the user's computer when you visit our website.

On a new visit to that same website, Cookies are what allow the website to recognize the visitor and activate their settings by the set of aspects that you have saved about your previous visit.

The next time the user visits this website with the same device, the cookie and the information contained in it will be sent back to the originating website (primary cookie) or to another website to which it belongs (third-party cookie). This allows the website to detect that it has already been opened by that user, and in some cases will vary the content displayed.

The time at which a given Cookie remains on the user's computer will depend on the Cookies category used by each site.


AQUATLANTIS uses cookies, or technology similar to these, to personalize the website to its image, fruit of which it accepts that we collect during the stay in our website.

This collection of data, such as the files resulting from your browsing preferences, your interaction with the different articles or components of the website, from what you add to the cart, allow us, in a future visit, together with the collection IP, Browser and Operating System through which you have accessed our website, recognize the visitor and retrieve the data you have already filed on it, the result of previous interaction and preventing you from having to follow these steps again.



This type of Cookies - strictly necessary - ensure functionalities without which the user would not be able to use this website as intended or in its maximum exponent of functionality.

These cookies are used exclusively by AQUATLANTIS and therefore are called primary cookies, storing information on the user's computer only during the current session of the browser. These ensure, for example, that when the user accesses the functionalities of a website, a version with a quantity of data related to the connection corresponding to that of the Internet connection that the user is using is displayed.

Ensure that when you change the webpage you are on, the switch from http to https occurs, noting the high security requirements applicable to data transmission and its security protocols.

Still, but not least, cookies of this type also store the user's decisions regarding the use of cookies on our website.

The user's consent is not necessary for the use of strictly necessary cookies, which cannot be disabled through the function of this page unlike the rest, where the user can disable cookies at any time in its browser.


Cookies that, by legal definition are not strictly required to use the website, fulfill important tasks.

Without these cookies, the functions intended for your convenience of browsing our site, such as the automatic completion of the details of the form, will no longer be available. Your personal settings, such as your preferred language, cannot be retained without these cookies, and therefore must be reinserted on all pages.

Also, without these cookies, we could not meet your individual requirements with personalized offers. They serve, among others, to:

• Keep the user session active so that the user is not required to fill in specific fields repeatedly;

• Collect the data of the automatic email sending soon after completing the form;

• Optimize the correct functioning of the website, using cookies for browsing processes;

• Provide tax information relevant to prices, using a cookie to define the region where the user is at the time of the search;

• Prevent and block fraudulent actions and maintain user safety.


An example of this are the Cookies that help to understand how long the visitor stays on the website, which pages he considered most useful, why he stayed in them longer and how the visitor was directed to the AQUATLANTIS page.

They are cookies that are stored in the visitor's browser and are sent from the server of external websites that collaborate with AQUATLANTIS. For example, Google, which installs cookies in browsers that allow you to analyze several aspects related to the performance of the website and its visitors. They serve, among others, to:

• Collect statistical information about the visitor for Google Analytics - which allows you to store information about the content that users viewed on your website to provide personalized advertising on Google's search engine and other websites, or Facebook - that allows you to communicate from personalized form on Facebook, according to the user's website navigation;

• Improve the website experience for the user by storing cookies with his preferences and adjusting them to his interests, geographic location and language, also leading to a better Google AdSense performance, e.g. Google Maps and Geolocation and Google ReCaptcha, present in the forms to ensure that it is a human to send the email and not a BOT;

• Understand the use of the website by each individual, thus optimizing the structure and contents of the website, based on these analyzes, for example, analysis of the route performed by the user's computer cursors;

To learn more about the policies of third-party Cookies, you can visit their pages at:


Although AQUATLANTIS, by default, use this type of files, the user, if he wishes, can disable this configuration in his browser, being sure that he will not have an interaction so intuitive, obtained by virtue of this capture, functionality that can be very useful and facilitator.

We want you to know that regardless of your choice, you can continue to access the website in its essentiality. But if you want to deactivate this option, you will not be able to use all the interactive functions of our website. Here's how to do it:

• Google Chrome

• Internet explorer

• Safari

• Firefox


On our website we use elements of the social networking website Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Suppliers of the major plug-ins are the companies Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Instagram LLC ("Providers"). Web page elements are for example buttons (so-called "social plug-ins") or content included by the service providers.

The user's browser establishes a direct connection with the server of the respective service provider when the user visits a page of our website that contains that element of the website. The content of the website element is transmitted by the respective provider directly to its browser and integrated into the AQUATLANTIS website. By integrating the elements of the website, service providers become aware that its browser has accessed the corresponding page of our website, and even if the user does not have a profile with the respective provider (e.g. Facebook) or that, at the moment, is not logged in, this information (including its IP address) is transmitted by its browser directly to a server of the respective US service provider and stored there.

If the user is logged in to one of the services, the respective provider can directly assign the visit to our website to his profile with this provider.

AQUATLANTIS does not have any influence on the parameters of the data that the providers raise with the help of the elements of the website. For details on the purpose and extent of data collection and the processing and further use of the data by these providers, as well as the rights with such related situation and configuration options to protect your privacy, see the provider's privacy policy.

In order to prevent the providers of this service from directly associating the data collected through our website to your profile in this service, you will always have to logout from your account on these pages.

Finally, there is the possibility of completely preventing the loading of website elements with browser add-ons.

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