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07 August 2018


In all Excellence aquarium lines

Now all our aquariums from the Excellence lines, and the Aquatable aquariums of the Decor range, are equipped with LED lighting 2.0. Each LED 2.0 light unit includes two independent light channels so you can easily apply to your aquarium the exact light you want. Fusion, Elegance Expert, Style LED and Aquatable ranges were only equipped with our LED lamps, now including this fantastic two-channel light units upgrade.

LED lighting systems are a plus in aquarium lighting because of the quality of the light they emit, the low power consumption and the security offered.

Combine your lamps with our smart controller Luminus and program their operating time independently. You can enter up to four light ranges per channel, allowing you to create daylight with the sunrise and sunset effect by turning the lamps on and off gradually.

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