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09 July 2024

New B-BOX cartridges included in all Aquatlantis aquariums

New B-BOX cartridges included in all Aquatlantis aquariums
More efficient and sustainable filtration

From now on, all Aquatlantis aquariums will be equipped with the new B-BOX filter cartridges, which are more ecological and sustainable. All our filters have been updated with the new modular system of 100% reusable cups into which the B-BOX filter cartridges fit. There are many advantages to this upgrade. These modular cartridges are easily interchangeable, allowing you to tailor your filtration setup to meet the unique needs of your aquarium. The most revolutionary and innovative feature of the B-BOX filter cartridges is the biodegradable material that covers them. A non-polluting, plastic-free coating that can be disposed of through composting processes. Whether it's a Bio Filter or the new generation of Biobox Mini and Biobox filters, the cartridge system combines mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. 
If you already have an Aquatlantis aquarium and would like to upgrade your filter with the new B-BOX cartridges, you can do so by purchasing a conversion kit available for Mini Biobox and Biobox filters. Replace the basket of your EasyBox recharges with the conversion kit with modular cups and insert the new filter cartridges inside.

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