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25 March 2024

Wave of chance: The eco-friendly Bio Filter is here

Wave of chance: The eco-friendly Bio Filter is here
Meet our new and long-awaited internal filters for aquariums

Aquatlantis proudly unveils its latest innovation in aquarium filtration technology: the internal filter BIO FILTER. Engineered with a focus on efficiency and environmental sustainability, this ground-breaking filter promises to revolutionize the market.
Crafted with a quieter and more powerful motor, the BIO FILTER comes in three models and offers four variations of filter media. Its modular cartridge setup ensures seamless customization and maintenance, ensuring optimal filtration performance.
At Aquatlantis, we're dedicated to safeguarding the planet, prioritizing environmentally responsible practices in every facet of our production. Reflecting this commitment, the BIO FILTER's B-BOX cartridges feature a biodegradable coating, facilitating safe disposal through composting once their aquarium function concludes.
Moreover, the filter media's composition includes materials suitable as plant substrates, offering them a new lease on life post-filtration.

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