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The AQUAFRAME is a great decorative element, being indicated for plants and Nano fish.



Dimensions (LxWxH) 27.4x20.4x38 cm
Dimensions w/out LED (LxWxH) 27.4x20.4x33 cm
Volume 21 L


As the name suggests, the AQUAFRAME of the Nano range has a removable frame in both front and back side of the aquarium and it is available in black and white. Speacially recommended for Nano fish, this aquarium has included a LED lighting and a CLEANSYS filter.

UNIV LED Lighting

Universal LED light unit with slim design that fixes easily to any aquarium with glass thickness up to 5mm. The LED lighting combines advantages such as the low energy consumption, the durable lifetime, high safety, the high quality of the emitted light and the benefits for fish and plants.
UNIV LED Lighting
CLEANSYS Internal Filter

CLEANSYS Internal Filter

The CLEANSYS internal filter will be one of the keys to the well-being of your fish and plants. With the help of the efficient CLEANBOX filter media, your aquarium will remain clean and free from harmful elements.

Complete specifications



Product code 17942
Colour 001 – Black
Dimensions (LxWxH) 27.4x20.4x38 cm
Dimensions w/out LED (LxWxH) 27.4x20.4x33 cm
Volume 21 L
Volume w/out LED 19 L
Capacity 14 L
Weight 4.4 Kg
EAN Code 5607329179421

Included equipment

UNIV 12 ≈3W
Product code 17591
Colour 001 – Black
Quantity 1
Consumption ≈ 3 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 24.7x3.3x8.7 cm
Colour Temperature 6500 K
Lumens 659 lm
Lux 1570 lx
Weight 0.21 Kg
EAN Code 5607329175911
Product code 14051
Colour 001 – Black
Quantity 1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.6x5.6x14.5 cm
Consumption 3.5 W
Max. Flow Rate 230 L/H
Water flow regulator
Aquarium volume up to 40 - 60 L
Certification TÜV, GS, IPX8
Weight 0.23 Kg
EAN Code 5607329140513
Activated carbon removes dissolved organic waste, bad odors, colours and toxins from the aquarium water, through chemical absorption.
Product code 14064
Size S
Quantity 1
Net weight 21 gr
Recommended replacement 1 -Month(s)
EAN Code 5607329140643
Natural product with a highly porous surface, providing optimal conditions to obtain a high colonization of bacteria, essential to the balance of your aquarium and well-being of fish and plants.
Product code 14066
Size S
Quantity 1
Net weight 19 gr
Recommended replacement 6 -Month(s)
EAN Code 5607329140667
Material structured to function as a pre-filter, retaining the existing waste water.
Product code 14060
Size S
Quantity 1
Net weight 1 gr
Recommended replacement 3-5 -Month(s)
EAN Code 5607329140605
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Frequently asked questions

Read carefully the instructions provided with your aquarium before the installation (manual and warnings) in order to perform every step correctly. Please certify that your aquarium is in good condition and without any damage.

If your aquarium has a Biobox filter, follow its instruction, and don’t forget to remove the protective films of the filter media (EasyBox Activated Carbon and EasyBox Aquaclay).

Place the aquarium on the cabinet/support and verify if it is stable and leveled. Fill it with water in order to ensure its tightness. After this verification, empty it and start the decoration. When filling the tank with water, we recommend you the utilization of a container to avoid affecting the decoration. Switch on the equipment of your tank (heater, pumps, lighting system, etc.) and let it stabilize. Get advised in the store you bought the fish and plants what are the recommended conditions for the species you choose. For more information see the documentation available on our website.


We recommend you the utilization of a Carpet Shock from Tecatlantis or similar. The main function is to distribute the weight evenly throughout the area of the aquarium surface. It also absorbs any irregularity that is present at the surface of contact between the aquarium background and the top of the cabinet, as well as helping to isolate the aquarium, thermally.


No. Once installed, the aquarium can’t be moved or shifted to another place, since such an operation would damage its stability and security. To replace the aquarium, you must empty it in full (including decoration).

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