The EASY LED controllers are devices that allow you to control the operation of the LED lamps, scheduling the time to switch on (gradual increase of light intensity) and switch off (gradual decrease of the light intensity). To ensure its full operation, you should carefully follow ALL the steps of the instructions included in the product package. After the correct programming, the controller should work properly. 

The EASY LED Control 1 has 1 channel (1 outlet). The channel has two available schedules.

Utilization: Max. 12V/24V till 5A (inlet and outlet/channel)

The EASY LED Control 2plus has two independent channels (2 outlets). Each channel has two available schedules.

Utilization: Max. 12V/24V-5A (inlet) / Max. 12V/24V-2.5A (per outlet/channel)

Both controllers have the adjustable light intensity function (from 0 to 100%).

For example, if you only want to turn the lamp on at 12am and turn off at 4pm, set ON 1 at 12am and OFF 1 at 4pm. On the second program, set ON 2 at 0:00 and OFF 2 also at 0:00. Thus, the light unit will turn on and off only once a day, at the scheduled time.

The controller turns the light on and off very gradually at the scheduled time. If, after programming, the light unit turn on and off like a “lightning”, wait till it turns on progressively. Do not do anything. Do not turn the controller off, or the lamp.

If it does not bind at all, take the product to the store.

In case of power failure, the controller EASY LED keeps the configurations. After switched on again, the lamp returns to light up gradually, reaching its maximum intensity after an hour. 

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