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All the filter recharges have the goal to maintain the aquarium clean and in excellent conditions. However, the misuse and the replacement of recharges can prejudice the good functioning of the aquarium. To avoid that, you must respect the rules of replacement which varies according to the EasyBox recharge. In each package you will find the information for the replacement time that varies between 1 week and 8 months. To avoid water disequilibrium, do not replace recharges with similar function at the same time.

During the operation of the filter, the filtered particles get accumulated in the filter media causing a reduction of the water flow. Check the EasyBox recharges and, if necessary, replace them in time respecting the replacement rules that vary depending on the type of the EasyBox recharge. You should also check the water inlet and outlet in the filter and pump so that they are not obstructed.

Yes. All the EasyFlux pumps have flow regulator. For more information consult the documentation available on our website.

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